The good cause

For every b'fair-bike being sold one year of

school and a meal per day are donated to a

child in Bangladesh.


b'fair is a sustainable fair trade project

with a CSR program that operates with human

rights as a central theme. It is very

important to us that you are able to follow the

whole proces from the beginning to the end to

ensure that your support ends up in the right

place. For that very reason we put great emphasis

on transparancy in the b’fair project.

You are more than welcome to contact

us at any given time if you want to visit the schools.


We are proud to be collaborating with

The Agape Social Concern in Bangladesh -

an NGO with close to 55 schools spread

throughout the country. We have good experience

with this NGO and an inbound

knowledge about their great work with

the children.


A plaque with all the names of the people
who bought b'fair-bikes,
hangs at the school
and will be updated continuously.

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The Schools

The Santals is a tribe
located in the Bikrompur region.
This is where you'll find one of the schools
supported by b'fair.